OSHO Afroz Calendar / Workshops - Season 2018

Cleaning up the past for now 26 - 28 September
Many of us feel strongly that our past is creating a present and future reality that we don’t like, and that we actually, have little control over.This course is a proven in-depth, opportunity to clean up your issues from the past. We will use a variety ...
Meditative Picking & Preparing Olives and Olive Oil 15 - 30 October
OSHO Afroz Team
With your participation in this joyful free-workshop you becoming part time worker (4 hours working) and you pay just 20 euro per day for your food, accommodation & meditation pass. Join us! Afroz has its own olive trees. Each year we collect them for ...
OSHO Vipassana Retreat 17 - 21 October
Anekant & Satsanga
A Journey into Silence - A Meeting with yourself Five or three days of Silence, sitting in Meditation, watching the breath, sensing the body, listening to the birds and sometimes - the noise of the Mind. Not much can happen, one might think. Yet out of this ex ...
Die Before You Die – A Retreat Edition 24 - 28 October
A 5-day Conscious Death Retreat with live music.Using meditative techniques inspired by Sufis & Shamans-related to death, we are shifting through the filters and limits of personality. Allowing to reconnect with our natural - love atmosphere. Our qualit ...