OSHO Afroz Calendar / Trainings - Season 2017

OSHO Reminding Yourself of The Forgotten Language of Talking to Your Body-Mind Training 16 - 22 July
In this process people first reconnect with the BodyMind, making friends with it, and then enter into a light trance which - in a state of deep relaxation - enables a natural and creative self-healing process to take place. The method can be used for anything ...
Tantric Massage Training 22 - 28 July
Cocoon tantric massage 7-day training Cocoon considers the practice of Tantra essential to tantric massage. It confers to the massage its essence because it allows open mindedness, an open-hearted state and a high quality of awareness to yourself and the oth ...
OSHO No Mind Training 24 - 30 July
Devena & Kaifi
A 7-day Training : For people who love the OSHO No Mind process, and who would like to deepen their own experience of it and learn&qualify to facilitate it.
The process starts in the morning with OSHO No Mind itself and after a break the experiential train ...
OSHO Born Again Training 02 - 08 August
A 7-day Facilitating: Mornings start with OSHO Born Again itself and after a break during experiential training will deepen your own understanding of the process and qualify to facilitate it. Like this you will have all afternoon to enjoy beach, sun and nature ...
OSHO Meditation Facilitator Training 31 Aug - 02 September
Kaifi & Satsanga
“Before you start doing a technique, be fully alert that you have understood it. Each technique is for bringing about a revolution in you. First try to understand the technique absolutely rightly.”  Osho Enjoy deepening your understanding of ...
Sound Healing & Music Therapy Essentials 03 - 06 September
Sundaram Psychas
Matter is vibrating energy Sound has a profound impact on human psychosomatic, mental and energy synthesis. All living organisms are symphonic, meaning the more coherent all subsystems communicate, more resilient they are in all aspects, more harmonious intera ...
Twice Born - Sexual Deconditioning Training 11 - 20 September
Premartha & Svarup & Gulistan & Nirdosh
Sexual energy is a gift, it is what makes life an adventure and eventually a search. It develops in stages, and has different expressions according to the life cycle we are in.   -As children, it can be the natural joy of feeling so much pleasure in our o ...
OSHO Vipassana Retreat - 5 days 15 - 19 October
Anekant & Satsanga
A Journey into Silence - A Meeting with yourself  (www.vipassana-lesbos.com) - OSHO Vipassana is a gift for those who are ready to dive deeper into what Osho describes as "watching is your secret love". This powerful process is supported by the seasona ...