OSHO Afroz Calendar / Trainings - Season 2019

Living Touch Massage Training 20 - 25 July
Vira Drotbohm & Rachana Wolff
Living Touch is an invitation to get to know and apply massage in its different dimensions. Participants experience how different techniques can help to playfully expand the space for presence and body awareness. They learn to feel, to see, to touch and to tr ...
OSHO Born Again Training 23 - 29 July
Devena & Kaifi
OSHO Born Again Facilitators Training A 7-day experiential training of this powerful freedom process created by Osho.Rediscover the freshness and innocence of childhoodwithout going into any psychological issues.     These 7 days focus on connecting ...
Creative Inner Alchemy Training Module 1 02 - 06 August
Teacher training CREATIVE INNER ALCHEMY TRAINING Transformation through movement, dance, art, breath and meditation For people who want to deepen the understanding of self healing processes or learn the skills for working with people with alchemy through move ...
Bodhi Medicine Level 1, Group and Training 08 - 11 August
  Bodhi Medicine is one of the most refined and scientific approaches to the human body that allows each individual to understand what Health really means. Through Bodhi Medicine we understand what the body is saying with any symptom or disease and theref ...
OSHO Meditation In-depth and Facilitators Training 07 - 10 September
Garimo Ackermann
OSHO MEDITATION FACILITATORS  TRAINING “Before you start doing a technique, be fully alert that you have understood it. Each technique is for bringing about a revolution in you. First try to understand the technique absolutely rightly.”Osho En ...
From Separation to Unity Practitioner Training 03 - 10 October
‘From Separation To Unity’ (FSTU) Practitioner Training “Talking out of silence and moving out of stillness allows your authentic self to be seen and, with respect creates a space of transformation for other people.”  Ka ...