OSHO Afroz Calendar - Season 2018

Cleaning up the past for now 26 - 28 September
Many of us feel strongly that our past is creating a present and future reality that we don’t like, and that we actually, have little control over.This course is a proven in-depth, opportunity to clean up your issues from the past. We will use a variety ...
OSHO Mystic Rose 01 - 21 October
Saleem & Unmatta
Empty beach, crystal clear water, beautiful sunsets! The right space for having an intense OSHO Mystic Rose experience! 3 hours a day for 21 days An OSHO Meditative Therapy All the laughter you need - All the crying you need - All the silence you need And all ...
From Separation to Unity Practitioner Training 07 - 14 October
“From Separation To Unity” Practitioner Training Program starts with you. Your unique experience in this profound journey of remembrance, heart healing and transformation, give you the best foundation to inspire and support others into e ...
Meditative Picking & Preparing Olives and Olive Oil 15 - 30 October
OSHO Afroz Team
With your participation in this joyful free-workshop you becoming part time worker (4 hours working) and you pay just 20 euro per day for your food, accommodation & meditation pass. Join us! Afroz has its own olive trees. Each year we collect them for ...
OSHO Vipassana Retreat 17 - 21 October
Anekant & Satsanga
A Journey into Silence - A Meeting with yourself Five or three days of Silence, sitting in Meditation, watching the breath, sensing the body, listening to the birds and sometimes - the noise of the Mind. Not much can happen, one might think. Yet out of this ex ...
Die Before You Die – A Retreat Edition 24 - 28 October
A 5-day Conscious Death Retreat with live music.Using meditative techniques inspired by Sufis & Shamans-related to death, we are shifting through the filters and limits of personality. Allowing to reconnect with our natural - love atmosphere. Our qualit ...