Elena Mahí Pavlidou-Reisig is a certified yoga (Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin and Hot Yoga) and modern dance (ISTD - Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing) teacher. Dance and movement have accompanied her since her early childhood, leading her from a classical ballet training to contemporary and modern dance, planting the seed of her fascination for coordination of movement, flow and lines. In her twenties, she discovered yoga as means of energising and centring both body and mind, allowing her to respond in turn with calmness greater awareness to the requirements of her work as an architect. During her first yoga teacher training, “The Rising Moon” at Yoga & More (Berlin) in 2012, she decided to commit to teaching and exploring yoga on a professional level. Her training further includes meditation and breathwork techniques, anatomy, ayurveda, energy and chakra work. 

She has been practicing yoga for over ten years, as well as teaching in Berlin and internationally since 2012.