Living Touch Massage Training

20 - 25 July

with Vira Drotbohm & Rachana Wolff

Living Touch is an invitation to get to know and apply massage in its different dimensions.

Participants experience how different techniques can help to playfully expand the space for presence and body awareness. They learn to feel, to see, to touch and to trust with all their senses.

After the training, the participants are able to give massage sessions that are unique and individually tailored to the needs and situation of the clients.

Deeply relaxing and at the same time energizing techniques to touch the body are taught. The touch happens from the moment, it can be very deep, silent or dynamic. Therapists and clients are in communication about what is experienced. What becomes obvious is consciously experienced and the body is invited to expand from within.



1st Part: Holistic Intuitive Massage

2nd Part Deep Tissue Massage/Thai Yoga Massage


The principles of Conscious Touch will be learned in the 1st part (Holistic Massage Technic). After we go deep into the fascias and explore depth in many dimensions (Thai Yoga Massage, Deep Tissue Technics). We then take time to blend both parts together, so it becomes a flowing, individual & personal Massage.


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