Creative Inner Alchemy Training Module 1

02 - 06 August

with Niradha

Teacher training


Transformation through movement, dance, art, breath and meditation

For people who want to deepen the understanding of self healing processes or learn the skills for working with people with alchemy through movement, dance, art and breath.

You will learn how to help people to use alchemy in their lives. Also you can use these skills for your personal growth or when you facilitate groups.

In the training you will receive the guidelines for facilitating and learn how to use the exercises and music while working with people.

What participants can learn in the training:

  • How to come closer to others and recognize what they can not verbally express
  • How to encourage someone to express their emotional state trough movement and art
  • How to use our own creativity to help others to feel better in their bodies and develop a positive self-image
  • How to identify the group dynamics and encourage participants to develop cooperation
  • Role of the facilitators and group leaders
  • Communication skills




  • Contact with your own body and becoming aware of its potential 
  • Transformation of emotions through movement and art therapy
  • Discovering personal qualities through dance therapy
  • Exploring elements of inner alchemy (acceptance-space, intensity- totality, presence-awareness, playfulness-creativity) 
  • Keys to your own inner dance




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