Transomatic Dialogue & Transomatic Past Life

19 - 21 September

with Saleem & Unmatta

Transomatic Dialogue for self healing
working with emotion-bound memories from this life and past life's 
A three day workshop that begins by exploring how our behavior patterns are based in internal belief systems. In seeing and recognizing the emotion-bound memories that form the foundation of those belief systems we come out of old behavior patterns into the reality of this moment Now.
Using trance-techniques to enter into a state of deep relaxation we connect to memories from this life. In the second part we explore memories from a different time and place, when we took life in another body.
According to Osho, our last thought at the moment of death defines the beginning of our next life. And most importantly we recognize in that moment of death that something inside us did not die, that we are not the body. 
Moving away from the fear based survival system of the body we can begin to trust our awareness rather than our fear. 
We can also start to see issues from that time that may have created patterns that are still active in our life today and in seeing them clearly, we have the choice to let them go. 
The Transomatic Dialogue approach has been developed from Osho's direct guidance to his disciple and dentist Sw Devageet shortly before Osho left his body.


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