Connecting in flow - Intensive Yoga Retreat

23 - 27 May

with Mahí

Every person is unique and so is every moment in time. There is never a practice session equal to another as we find ourselves continuously changing. In this 5-day retreat we will explore different ways of practice throughout the day and discover their effects & benefits. By shifting our focus to our yoga practice, away from the hectic rhythms and expectations of our everyday life and surrounded by beautiful nature, we can become more aware of the little things and small changes that influence us and allow ourselves to enter a more natural flow. It is a chance to deepen your practice and understanding of different approaches of yoga (connection) to enter a dialogue through your physical movement, bringing body, mind & soul together.

In three blocks you will be able to experiment and experience yoga within the changing moments of the day. The retreat sessions will combine asana, pranayama and meditation with background to philosophy and anatomy.

Sunrise practice – awaken & activate 

Golden practice – strengthen & deepen

Moonlight practice – receive & release

You are welcome to participate with or without previous yoga experience, as every participant will be practicing at their own level.


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