Watching the Fire : Tantric Meditations From The Book Of Secrets

30 August - 03 September

with Kimaya

Tantra literally means ‘method ’ and ‘expansion’. “Expansion of awareness”

 “Watching the Fire” contains a selection of meditation methods from Vigyan Bhairav Tantra focusing on the transforming of the vital energies generated through male/female principals.

Learn and experience the many techniques from The Book of Secrets that use our vital, most fundamental, life energy to find a key to our inner mysteries. Tantric Meditation techniques; methods to expand our consciousness and to experience our deepest being beyond boundaries. This expansion gives rise to overflowing joy, bliss and  inner fulfillment .

Watch with awe and wonder how the fire of our masculine and feminine energy goes through the Tantric inner alchemy: transforming mud into lotus. 

You can come alone, or bring a friend or a partner. Most meditation techniques will be done with a partner, and will create a together a loving, sacred space where  the other helps to light the fire within and becoming the doorway to experience meditation ; to experience oneness with existence.

It is a rare opportunity  for those has a longing  to explore these powerful Tantra methods ,when  we distil the nectar of our inner being to its ultimate potency.

We will elements such  dance,  guide meditations. Active Meditation , Tantric Meditations ,  Meditative Touch ,Breath awareness, sharing and above all having fun  together!

"Tantric experience is possible only if you move deep into MEDITATION, otherwise not. When you become very, very still, silent, aware, alert, then only is it possible that you will know something of TANTRA. Otherwise, tantra can also become an excuse for indulgence- a new name, a religious name. And you can move into indulgence behind the name of tantra. Names won't make much change, your being needs change." Osho


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