BioDynamic Breath & Dance Journey Through the Chakras

17 - 20 August

with Giten

Through the course if this 4-day deep inward journey into ourselves we will move through our entire body exploring our Chakra System.
Chakras are our body's energy centers and are located deep in our core. Each Chakra represents different qualities of ourselves and carries particular energy that's related to our emotional and physical bodies.
As we move through your entire Chakra system using very powerful tools of BioDynamic Breath & Trauma Release, Conscious Movement & Dance, Grounding, Bio-Energetics, Shamanism, sharing and meditation we begin to uncover our true essence, which is the essence of self love, self-posession, self-assertion and inner silence.

Over the course of our lives exposure to traumatic events and every day stress effects how freely our inner life force energy travels through our physical body. This, in fact, effects how our chakra system is nourished. Inner tension we all store in our system effects how freely we can express ourselves and to what degree we can allow our creativity to flow. Depending what age in our life we were exposed to traumatic event has a direct effect on particular Chakra.

We will move through the entire chakra system starting with it's base, the First Chakra which is the Sex Center and represents grounding and right to exist. By connecting with our essence we set the ground for healing to happen.

Moving up through the body we come to the Second Chakra which is located in the lower belly and represents life force energy.
Unlocking this energy in the body and connecting with it's quality connects us with the desire to live life fully. It gives an opportunity to set healthy boundaries.

Moving up through the body we come to the Third Chakra which located in the area of our solar plexus and is connected with our personal power. We get a chance to uncover our personal power and let it flow so it can affect every aspect of our lives.

Coming up in to the Heart Chakra we uncover our ingrained desire to reach out and connect with others. This Chakra is connected with ability to give and receive love.

Coming up into the Fifth Chakra which is located in the throat area we unblock the long time tension related to self expression and creativity.

Moving up into the Third Eye Chakra which is related to our sense of intuition we move into the meditation and merging with the Ultimate.

Seventh Chakra is related with the complete melting and unification with the existence. We'll finish this group with meditation to support coming into this space of expansion and opening.

In the course of this workshop we will have a chance to work with very powerful breath techniques, fun and playful conscious movement and dance exercises, emotional awareness exercises, grounding techniques and active and silent meditations.  We will experience a variety of techniques to support your physical and emotional healing ultimately deepening your meditation.  The first part of this event prepares the space for us to move deeper into releasing underlying core body tension. After letting go of physical and emotional tension the space is created to move deeper into our self awareness. This space lays ground for releasing long held trauma from deep within our body tissues.

No prior experience in meditation necessary to attend this event. Both, experienced meditators and those who are just starting on the path of self exploration can highly benefit from this powerful body oriented approach.


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