OSHO Afroz Sufi Celebration

16 - 20 June

with OSHO Afroz Team

Welcome to OSHO Afroz Sufi Celebration!!

a Celebration of Music, Dance & Poetry

16 - 20 June 2018


Sufism is great celebration. And we invite you to celebrate it with us. Come celebrate. Come join the People of the Path. The path of the Sufi is through the heart. Come into the heart. Let the heart pulsate, let the heart sing, let the heart dance.

Osho’s clarification on the Sufi approach to religiosity is beautiful: to become part of the mystery of existence by living meditatively, being total. He says that “for a Sufi, God is not an idea, it is his lived reality. God is just a name for the totality of existence.”

Being inspired by the Sufi way, a  CELEBRATION of music, dance and poetry has came into being and we are happy to invite all Afroz friends to enjoy 5 days of feast with Sufi music, dance and poetry - a celebration of life in its totality. You will have the chance to explore and join a variety of workshops, night events and happenings.

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