Conscious Medicine Training Part 1

08 - 11 August

with Nirdosh

In the Conscious Medicine Workshop you will learn how emotional & psychological events you experience in life affect the physical body, and how the body helps you to overcome these situations with its natural physiological functions, which eventually manifest in symptoms in a specific area of the body.

You will learn the basic principles that are a very strong support for any person who practices bodywork, energy work, nutrition, psychology, meditation, traditional allopathic doctors or for anyone interested in knowing what their body is saying with each symptom.

This is a theoretical & experiential workshop where you can learn the language of your body. It is absolutely scientific and understandable for anybody. It helps us understand the bridge between the mind, emotions and the physical body. It brings relaxation, independence & trust in our body.

In this workshop you will learn essential principles for your health & the health of your family, such as:

a) The 3 conditions that need to be present to cause any disease or imbalance in the human body.
b) The process the body and mind go through after a shocking or traumatic experience and how the body does everything it can to bring us back to harmony.
c) The simple and clear understanding of why more than 90% of times symptoms appear in the body after a period of intense stress.
d) Basic concepts of embryology and physiology, easy to understand for anyone that scientifically support this new approach to health.
e) The beauty and harmony in which we live in our internal and external eco-system.
f) How any symptom or Dis-ease has a specific biological purpose in our life and with awareness we can learn from it and evolve with it.

These will give you a totally new understanding on common concepts or beliefs like:
- What causes a flu, cough or sore throat.
- The 3 main causes of weight gain, which have nothing to do with what we eat.
- What causes vomiting or diarrhea.
- What is Cancer in reality and how to approach it in a holistic way.
- What does physical pain have to say to us according to its place in the body.
- Essential tips that help prevent the appearance of symptoms in the body.
- How to take care of ourselves once we have a symptom in the body to recover faster.
- What is the role of microorganisms in our body. Does contagious disease really exist?
- The importance of meditation for our health.
- What is a healing crisis?
- The role that emotions play in our health.
- When and how we can be supported by alternative therapies & when do we really need medications.
- And more...

From the beginning of our life we have all received conditioning & education about health, our body & what means to have a symptom or disease. We generally look at any symptom or disease with fear & take it as something negative in our body. This puts us in a helpless and stressful situation, where we depend absolutely on the words, diagnosis & treatment of the medical doctor or therapist.

Fortunately in the last decades many scientific discoveries have been made which prove that our body simply wants to help us in any situation and gives us specific messages through physical or mental symptoms.

Nobody has ever taught us how to listen to our body or how to understand this messages. Thanks to the discoveries made in hospitals by doctors who work with The New Medicine, we now know what each symptom of the body means and why the body reacts like this.
Once we understand these symptoms it becomes absolutely clear what we need to do in our lives to come back to harmony & wellbeing.

Conscious Medicine helps people come out of the fear-based concept of Disease and reconnect with their intrinsic trust and understanding of how the body heals itself if we give it the right support.


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