Deep into the rhythms - Being present

24 - 27 September

with Gramya

5rhythms is a dance meditation practice that provides tools for exploring our deepest relations to ourselves, to others and to us as a society. Each rhythm represents one of life’s energies, that we all know from our daily lives.

During this 4-day workshop we will explore both sides of each energy, the light and the shadow, being in harmony with or against the energy, surrendering or resisting.

Flowing, the energy of feeling grounded and rooted. This energy expresses as inertia when not balanced.

Staccato, the energy of action and clarity when in the light and tension and aggression when in the shadow.

Chaos, the energy of easily letting go when in harmony and confusion in disharmony.

Lyrical, the energy that is the gateway to creativity, when we are moving with the energy and spacing out when we are working against it.

Stillness, the energy of being present and embodied when in alignment and numbness when we are disconnected.

Going through on the dance floor, with nothing to lose and nowhere to go, may allow us to find new openings, new understandings to bring into our daily life.


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