Inner Alchemy with Creative Movement, Dance and Art

02 - 06 August

with Niradha

A process of exploration through movement, dance, art and meditation:

  • Connection with our body and becoming aware of its potential
  • Transformation of emotions through movement and art therapy
  • Discovering personal qualities through dance therapy
  • Keys to your own inner dance

In this seminar we will use body exercises, creative movement, tension release, meditation techniques, alchemy of movement and dance which are based on OSHO Dance Therapy to reconnect with our Creativity, Joy, Playfulness and Relaxation.

We will discover our natural qualities through movement and meditation using creative group exercises (‘Sculptures’, ‘Mirrors’, ‘Dancing with Props’...). Through this process we will explore the elements of Inner Alchemy (acceptance, totality, presence, playfulness and creativity) and discover the keys for our inner Dance with Life!


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