Ecstatic Woman

14 - 15 June

with Kranti

Ecstatic Woman 

Level 1


“A woman is almost like a musical instrument; her whole body has immense sensitivity, and that sensitivity should be aroused”. OSHO 


The female body has been following an old patriarchal system and we need a revolution, a truly female revolution: one that is through pleasure. Because a woman that has renounced to orgasm is a woman that has renounced to her female power.


This workshop is about dance and celebration. It draws from the ancient wisdom of bellydance, which in its origins, was designed to help women have a fulfilling sex life, a better relationship with their body, to experience pleasurable pregnancies, as well as births, and simply to enjoy being a woman. 


Kranti’s system –Orgasmic Bellydance– is a dance of female empowerment, that awakens our natural orgasmic capacities. 


In this workshop you will learn:


1-  The first 10 secret Orgasmic Bellydance movements that re-awaken your orgasmic power. 


2- A juicy way to be free of those limiting conditionings surrounding your sexuality, body and pleasure. 


3- You will meet your female tribe, and celebrating together we will recover what we long for so much: trust in the feminine. 


All of this and more to help you celebrate being a woman. 




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