From Separation to Unity Practitioner Training

03 - 10 October

with Kaifi

“From Separation To Unity” Practitioner Training Program starts with you. Your unique experience in this profound journey of remembrance, heart healing and transformation, give you the best foundation to inspire and support others into exploration.

In this inward journey through this gentle yet powerful technique that is in tune with the latest scientific research of the Heart Consciousness, we experience the bringing to light of self-imposed filters representing limitations of human personality. The filters that stop the natural movement of love and awareness from flowing. We move within the atmosphere of qualities, reconnecting with our potential and allowing the unbound flow of Love and truth that is always available in us. Resonating with the unity that already exists.

FSTU is a brand new system of energy healing . It is created within the four healing stages of Breathing, Relaxing, Receiving, Enjoying. Stages that are naturally happening in the experiences of both deep trust and let go. When we consciously relax into our Presence and let everything be as it is. Letting go of any idea that we have about ourselves and others, allowing all our self-imposed boundaries to dissolve. Thus opening our expansion into our authentic limitless being.
Body, breath and heart awareness are synchronizing in Stillness, allowing unconditional healing flow of Love.

An experiential training designed to create trust in your intuition, facilitate access to higher intelligence and the confidence to simply Be.

This is a complete facilitator's training that enables you to:

  • Discover the science of the inner and realize the natural movement of energy(L-F-A-S-L) through fast and slow feelings.

  • Drop your attitudes, judging and reactions, resting in the presence of compassion and acceptance.

  • Allow instead of doing.

  • Feel comfortable in “space” created through stillness.

  • Combine information you receive from the atmosphere between you and your “client”.

  • Wait and act (Observation – Stillness – Action – Stillness) - Respond out of your presence, holding and giving the space for the client to make and complete this healing journey by him self.

  • Trust the natural movement of energy that is created out of the presence of love, allowing the healing and transformation to happen.

  • Express your self out of silence and allow movements out of stillness.

  • Work with individuals, couples and groups.


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