Drum & Silence Circle

23 - 25 June

with Ashik Philippos Stamatopoulos

Bring your percussion and join us. 2 Hours a day for 3 days.
The drum and silence circle has been created through my journey upon the ultimate path of love to connect and transform people. Its purpose is to benefit body, mind, soul & spirit. It consists of two parts and it lasts two hours.

First Part: Drumming-one hour

"At the simplest level,drumming is fun.This alone can justify it for everyone"
This is a primitive,spiritual & healing circle. By drumming we enter at a meditative trancelike state of pure experience, without labels, without judgements. It brings people together to enjoy, to share, integrate, interact and connect with ones self and each other in a celebration of nowness. Is a spiritual circle where transformation and
therapy happens.


Second Part: Silence sitting with Live Music-one hour

Just sitting with eyes closed, doing nothing, breathing naturally, aware & witnessing whatsoever we feel and is happening. No judgement,no evaluation.

Please Bring Your Own Percussion Instruments. Anything From A Hand Drum To a Small Hand Percussion Will Do.


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