Twice Born Primal

03 - 10 July

with Premartha & Svarup

Primal Childhood Deconditioning

This eight-day group is a journey of rebellion against what is false and forced upon you, and of recovery of the positive essential spaces that you truly experienced as a child.
Step by step, we will go back in time, exploring the conditionings received at each stage of development of your childhood.
Through this exploration, you will be able to recognize what masks you grew used to wear, and what compensations you developed in the hope of being acknowledged, accepted and felt.
You will have full space and support to feel what you would have really needed to express as a child.
You will have the chance to discover inside yourself as the adult that you are now, the strength and power to stand up for and heal the child inside you.
When you conquer and dissolve the negative side of your past, you will rediscover the deep-seated impulse that has brought you to want to be born and live exactly this life. And you will be able to bow down in authentic gratitude to the real gifts you received from your parents
Some previous group experience in the field of emotional release or breath is recommended.

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