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  • I Celebrate MySelf - The Powerful series of talks

    This summer the OSHO AFROZ Summer festival has the title "I Celebrate Myself ... God is Nowhere Life is Now Here" "I celebrate myself, and I want you also to celebrate yourself," says Osho, echoing the American poet, Walt Whitman. In this powerful series of talks, Osho takes on all our assumptions and misconceptions that we live in a divided univer

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  • Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water at Afroz

    What is Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water? Many friends keep on asking about the little signs at OSHO Afroz that mention “Dynamically Enhanced Structured Water” - “What does it mean and why should I use it instead of bottled water?” After 2 years of research on water, we had an important upgrade that happened last year a

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  • Little Buddhas – Children in Afroz

    July - August 2016 This year we are experimenting with ways to integrate the children more into the energyfield of Afroz. Children were always welcome  and now it is time to involve them deeper. By participating in various activities and at the same time finding space for themselves, they can feel free to create, laugh and connect with their f

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