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OSHO Afroz Meditation Center is located at the beautiful Kambos of Eressos in the island of Lesvos, Greece. Surrounded by bold volcanic mountains and low hills, just 3 km of the beach, it is the ideal place for meditation and vacations at the same time.

For those who wish to meditate, OSHO Afroz has an environment of safety, acceptance & awareness; a beautiful & powerful Energy-field that has been created throughout the years where one can relax and enjoy the vigorous energy of the nature that surround.

OSHO Afroz offers a unique and special experience, an alternative place and way of vacation for a real recreation, rest & self-discovery, all in unique balance.

Coming up Groups

29 - 31 Jul 2016   Hypnosis & Healing
with Anekant
This is a three day course happening only in the mornings. As the name suggests it is an opportunity to heal an area of your life. You can change patterns of behaviour, overcome trauma, deal with body issues, relationship issues or many other things. So often ...
01 - 21 Aug 2016   OSHO Mystic Rose
with Devena & Adhiraj
3 hours a day for 21 days Sharing our laughter, tears and silence while enjoying the Greek sea, sun and sand! Osho says about it: “The symbol of the mystic rose is that if a man takes care of the seed he is born with, gives it the right soil, gives i ...
02 - 08 Aug 2016   OSHO Born Again
with Kaifi
A process created especially by Osho to rediscover the freshness and innocence of childhood without going into psychological issues. 2 hours a day for 7 days. The first hour is for entering into your childhood and doing what you always wanted to do. The second ...
02 - 08 Aug 2016   OSHO Born Again Training
with Kaifi
A 7-day Facilitating: Mornings start with OSHO Born Again itself and after a break during experiential training will deepen your own understanding of the process and qualify to facilitate it. Like this you will have all afternoon to enjoy beach, sun and nature ...
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  • Little Buddhas – Children in Afroz

    July - August 2016 This year we are experimenting with ways to integrate the children more into the energyfield of Afroz. Children were always welcome  and now it is time to i

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