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OSHO Afroz Meditation Center is located at the beautiful Kambos of Eressos in the island of Lesvos, Greece. Surrounded by bold volcanic mountains and low hills, just 3 km of the beach, it is the ideal place for meditation and vacations at the same time.

For those who wish to meditate, OSHO Afroz has an environment of safety, acceptance & awareness; a beautiful & powerful Energy-field that has been created throughout the years where one can relax and enjoy the vigorous energy of the nature that surround.

OSHO Afroz offers a unique and special experience, an alternative place and way of vacation for a real recreation, rest & self-discovery, all in unique balance.

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08 Aug   Healing Spaces
with Jeeval
A workshop on the basic principles of Feng Shui, showing you how to apply it to your home to increase your health, wealth and happiness. Feng Shui means “wind and water”, the two natural elements that direct the energy or Chi in to a settlement or ...
with Anekant
This seven day course will lead you deeper into meditation. It also will train your unconscious mind to bring this meditative awareness into the everyday moments of your daily life. The benefits of meditation are well documented and have almost become a necess ...
with Anekant
This 7days training will teach you to lead this valuable technique. It is designed so that you personalize the process to your own style of working. It will not teach you how to repeat a word-by-word script. The training will be two hours each afternoon for ...
with Devo
Most of the people when they say “my center” they mean their mind or their heart. Western societies are not aware, nor educate the people to the sense of centering as a connection to the Center, the individual point of contact with the boundless en ...

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